The script comes with Laravel Socialite package which provides an expressive, fluent interface to OAuth authentication with Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, GitHub and Bitbucket. In this script, you can easily start using oAuth authentication for Facebook, Twitter & Github. You can add more if you want by navigating to config/system.php file and add additional oAuth provider in "social_login_providers" array.

This requires to create app in respective oAuth provider. Click for Facebook oAuthTwitter oAuthGithub oAuth app tutorials. Also note that some oAuth provider do not support oAuth function if you are running script on local server. This is not the issue of script, its because oAuth provider doesn't allow this feature on local server. Some oAuth provider may require secure site or https in your website or some may require fully functional website with terms and conditions and privacy policy. Please go through oAuth service provider website & read tutorial carefully.

After addition, you need to login into the script as admin & enable the Social Login feature in configuration -> authentication tab. Now you will get all oAuth providers list with some additional input. Below is the detail:

Enable/Disable oAuth
Switch Input
To enable or disable oAuth authentication
Client Id
Text Input
Client Id of oAuth provider
Client Secret
Text Input
Client Secret of oAuth provider
Redirect URL
Redirect path after generating access token

Redirect URL should be like {}/auth/{provider}/callback where provider can be 'facebook' or 'twitter' or 'github'.

Enabling oAuth provider will generate respective provider login option in the login page. If all the input details including client Id, Secret & Redirect URL are correct, then you should be able to login with that oAuth providers.