The script installation wizard is recently updated and a new field is required to enter which is called "Access Code" in final step of installation wizard. 

Attached is the screenshot of installation wizard where you need to enter "Access Code". The script is exclusively available in Envato Marketplace hence any/all purchases made are from Envato Marketplace only. To get access code is one time job. Click on the "Get Access Code" button, this will redirect you to Envato oAuth login where you need to login with your Envato Account. Once you login, ScriptMint will ask for permission access following data from your envato account:

  1. Envato Account Email
  2. Envato Account Username
  3. Purchase details which you have made with ScriptMint

Once you allow ScriptMint to access these details, you will be redirected to ScriptMint Authentication Server and all the purchases you have made with ScriptMint will be listed in the home page. 

To get access code with any of the purchase, click on the 'View Detail' button. You can now add your domain where you want to install the application. It can be local server address like http://<virtual_host> or live server domain like Each domain will have one access code.

As per Envato Regular License term, you can use the item to create one end product therefore this script allows you to install the product at one place at a time. Though you can add multiple domains and can get multiple access codes for each domain. But if you have purchased regular license, you can only have one live access code at a time.

For example, above screenshot shows domain list associated with a purchase code. Two of the domain "task" & "testtask" is local server virtual hosts and rest domains "" and "" are live server domain. Currently, domain "task" is active and you can use the access code associated with "task" domain.

If you want to move the application to any other domain say "", you can click on the "Activate" button associated with "" domain and can get access code for "" button. Upon activation, the access code of "task" domain will be expired. 

In this way you will be able to use the script at one place at a time but you can move the script to any other location without requesting author to move.

If you have purchased Extended license, you can have multiple access code live at same time and can use the application at multiple locations at same time.

If you have any query related to access code, you can raise a ticket at