Always make sure that you are accessing the application with root domain (, sub domain ( or virtual host (http://invoice), if you try to access like or or http://localhost/invoice, you will get blank page. The is intended behaviour of Laravel.

If you are able to run Laravel framework in your server, you should be able to run this script without any issue.

You can simply proceed for installation after downloading the file. You need not to import any database file. You can use the installation wizard and it will install the application with few clicks. After making sure that your system has all the pre-requisites, you are ready to install the application. Once you download file from, you will get a compressed file in your computer. After extracting the compressed file, below is the file structure of the script.

This folder structure contains all the files include development files. To deploy this application your server, you need not to upload all the files. You can leave below files:

  • .gitattributes
  • .gitignore
  • composer.json (This might be required in some cases)
  • composer.lock
  • package.json
  • package-lock.json
  • phpunit.xml
  • webpack.mix.js
  • yarn.lock

Once you upload the file in your server, you can proceed with installation by navigating to http://<your_domain>. You will be automatically redirected into installation wizard. The installation wizard contains 4 steps. Lets go through each and every steps:

Step 1

In the first step, the script checks for server requirements and folder permissions. If your server fulfills all the pre-requisites, then you will get all check marks with green background. In case any of the pre-requisite is not fulfilled, you will get error message in red background.  You can click on the next button once all your pre-requisites are fulfilled.

Step 2

In this step, you need to provide database details in terms of database name, username, password. By default the port is set to "3306" which is default port of mysql for most of the server. If your database port is different then you may need to change the port. Similarly, the hostname is set to "localhost" by default which is also used by default for most of the server when database and server is located at same place.

Make sure all these details are entered correctly, and then you can click on the next button. In case database connection is incorrect, you may get error saying something like "database connection failed!". Also you have to make sure that your database doesn't contain any table. In case there is any table in your database, you will be notified to delete all the existing table. 

Step 3

In this step, you have to provide "Admin" login details. This email will be considered as "Admin" email. Also you can name the designation, department, location which will be associated with admin. Please note that this designation and department cannot be associated with any other user. By default the designation is set to "System Administrator", department is set to "System Administration" and location is set to "Head Office". If you want to make any changes, you are free to do.

Step 4

This is review step. You also need to provide "Access Code" & "Envato Email" to verify the purchase.

If you are sure that the information you have provided is correct then you click on the finish button to complete the installation. Once you click on finish, it takes around 10-50 seconds (depending upon your server configuration) and then install the application for you. Upon successful installation, you are redirected to login screen.

If you miss any of these step, you might not get the login page. For any query please raise a ticket at