The system supports multilingual feature which makes the system translatable to any of your language. To begin with Localization, navigate to <your_url>/configuration/locale in your browser. By default you will have one default locale "English (en)" in the application, which cannot be altered. To add your own locale, click on the "Add New Locale" button, enter your locale name and click on the save button. 

If you are further customizing this application, you may need to add more words for translation. To add new word, click on "Add New Word" button, enter the word, the module under which this word comes and the default translation. This will add that word into translation list.

Once you add your own locale, you need to translate every single word into your own language. To do so, click on the detail button of the locale which you want to translate.

In above example image, you can see that all the words of "Auth" module is listed for translation. and you can easily update the translation to your own locale.

You are advised to clear your browser cache everytime you update the translation.