Updates are available if you have valid access code put in your script file. You can visit update page available in header menu to check for updates. In case any update is available you will get two buttons:

  1. Download - This will only download the update file in your admin folder. You can manually install the update by replacing all the files with updated files or you can still choose to update automatically by clicking on "Update" button. 
  2. Download & Update - This will download the update and then install the update at one click. On successful updation, your page will be refreshed.

It is strongly suggested to take full backup of all your application before performing any kind of update. In case you forget or miss to take backup, author will not be responsible for any undesirable output.

Also note, if you have made any customization in your script and perform the update, your customization will be overwritten. In that case, you can choose to download the update option and then manually update by comparing files.

If you have any queries, you can raise a ticket at http://support.scriptmint.com