A pre release zip file is required to download before Version 1.6.0 update. Download the file here. Put it in root folder of your installation & extract it. Once extract, you can download and update the application by clicking on the download/update button given in product update page. 

Your update may not be successful in case you miss to download this pre-release file.


  • Employee Attendance
    • Regular & Production based Attendance
    • Attendance Types (Supports Present, Absent, Leave without Pay, Holiday, Production based like Overtime/Early Leaving, Half Day)
    • Integrated with Holiday, Leave request & Payroll
    • One click Employee Attendance
  • Employee leave allocation & leave request
    • Multiple Leave Types
    • Leave allocation during different period
    • Real time leave balance check
    • Leave request by Employee
    • Leave request approval/rejection
    • Multiple leave calculation methods based on holidays
    • Integrated with Attendance, Holiday & Payroll
  • Employee payroll generation
    • Multiple Pay Heads
    • Multiple per day calculation basis (Calendar Period or User Defined)
    • Payroll Template with Attendance based, Flat rate, User defined, Computation based & Production based Salary
    • Employee Salary Structure & Its history
    • Payroll generation, Custom payroll period, print out
    • Payroll transactions (Supports Salary Payment, Advance payment, Advance Return, Other Payment & Receipt)
    • Integration with Attendance, Holiday & Leave request
  • Login with Username or Email
  • Reset fee allocation for students


  • Late fee on zero installment fixed
  • Employee code prefix & Student admission number prefix issue fixed
  • Frontend header visibility issue fixed
  • Global search click result issue fixed

Important Notes:

Clear domain cache & cookie after updation. If you cache/cookie is not cleared, you might get loading screen every time.