The script comes with installation wizard and hence not much coding experience is required in order to setup the script. To begin with installation follow the steps:

  • Purchase this script from ScriptMint.
  • Next, you need to verify your purchase. To do so, Navigate to, login with your envato account. The script will be listed in 'My Purchase' section. Click on the detail, add a domain where you want to install the script to get access code. If you choose to have 'Regular' license, you can only have one active domain at a time. If you choose to have 'Extended' license, you can have multiple domains active at same time. You can use this access code to install the script in your server.

Make sure you add your admin panel URL in the domain list for any SaaS Version script installation. No need to add system or website URL in the domain list.

  • Make sure your server fulfills all the requirements as mentioned in our support portal. If any of these requirements are not fulfilled, you may face issue with installation.
  • Create a subdomain say "" for admin panel. Subdomains may take some time to resolve and work. Make sure your subdomain is working.
  • Create another subdomain say "" for InstiKit application. Again, make sure this subdomain is working.
  • Create a wildcard subdomain say "*" and point it to "" that will be used for dynamic subdomain allocation to your clients. To verify whether your subdomain is working or not, you can access multiple subdomain likes "" or "" and you should get the content of "" when accessing any of the subdomain.

In the above attached image which is take from cPanel:

  1. The website points to /public_html folder
  2. Admin panel points to /public_html/domains/admin folder
  3. Application points to /public_html/domains/system folder
  4. Wildcard subdomain points to /public_html/domains/system folder
  • Upload the zip file in your server. Move the content of website in your root folder, content of admin in the admin subdomain and content of system in the system subdomain.
  • Open .env file (of admin subdomain) in your favorite editor, enter the relative path of admin and system folder location. If all the three folders are located in same directory, you may need not to change this path. But in case these three folders are located in different places, you need to change this relative path.

You need not to change any other variable in .env file.

For above example, the app path and website path is set to the relative path of "admin/public" folder. In detail, lets say we are currently in "public" folder of "admin" subdomain and we have to reach to "system" folder. We have to take one back-step to reach to "admin" folder, one more back-step to reach to "domains" folder. Now we can move forward to "system" folder.

Similarly, to reach to "website" folder, you need to take three back-steps.

If this path is incorrect, you may not be able to install the script

  • Open .env file (of system subdomain) in your favorite editor, enter the URL of website at WEBSITE variable. If your website URL is, you should enter in WEBSITE variable.

You need not to change any other variable in .env file.

  • Navigate to "", it will take you to installation wizard. 
  • Create a database for handing all your client's information lets say "admin", add a user and assign with all the permission to that database "admin".
  • In the first step, the script will check the pre-requisites and display the output. If any pre-requisite is missing, that will be highlighted with red background. To proceed with further step, you need make sure that that pre-requisite is fulfilled.

  • Enter the database information in the second step of installation wizard. Click on the next button, in case your database credentials are wrong, you will get the error message else you will be moved to third step.

  • In the third step, you will be asked about "Admin" details like admin name, email & its password to login into the admin panel. Once complete, click on the next button

  • In the fourth step, you will be asked about some environment configuration like Application Name, Admin Domain, Application Domain, Encryption Key, Access Code & Envato Email. Provide all the correct details and click on the finish button. In case your access code or envato email is wrong, you will get error notification.

Encryption key is any 32 Character string that will be used to encrypt data on this script.

  • If all the information is correct, the installation will begin. This may take around 30-60 seconds to install the script. Once installed, you will be redirected to login page of admin panel. If there is any issue, feel free to raise a ticket at