Before you update to Version 2.3.0, make sure you already have Version 2.2.0. You need to download core file update from this link. Once downloaded, copy the compressed zip file to your installation directory and extract it. It will overwrite files & subdirectories of two of your directories called (1) bootstrap (2) vendor. Open your URL with any browser, and login as admin. Go to Update page & use the one-click update to complete the update.

Once you updated, logout and login again. You will note that your left sidebar menu is empty. Version 2.3.0 provides you a feature where you can control which menu to show & which to hide. To configure it, go to Configuration -> Menu and enable the menu which you want to show. Also, go to Configuration -> Permission page to assign newly created permissions.

Clear domain cache & cookie after updation. If you cache/cookie is not cleared, you might get loading screen every time.

Features Updates in Version 2.3.0

  • Custom Fields in Student, Employee
  • Online Exam
  • Send Email (Communication)
  • School Documents
  • Subject-wise, Session-wise Attendance
  • Export Employee & Student Report
  • Import Employee
  • Print Transaction Receipts/Payment
  • Barcode Printing in Library