If you are going to use PHP 7.4 with MySQL 8.0, you might face error like "MySQL server has gone away". This issue is not related to this script, you need some configuration in your server.

Here are some articles to fix this issue:


Before you update to Version 2.4.0, make sure you already have Version 2.3.0. Go to Update, click on the Download button. Once downloaded, click on the update button. If you are getting error during download or update, please raise a support ticket at https://support.scriptmint.com 

Clear domain cache & cookie after updation. If you cache/cookie is not cleared, you might get loading screen every time.

Features Updates in Version 2.4.0

  • Student to enroll multiple courses at a time.
  • First day of Week selection.
  • Additional Fee Charge/Discount at the time of Fee Payment
  • Choosing First Guardian & Second Guardian of students
  • Batch-wise Student Holiday
  • More columns in Student Import
  • Biometric Once a day Attendance of Student