We are glad to announce the integration of a Biometric device with InstiKit which was the most demanded feature of InstiKit.

Please note that Biometric Integration will only be available to users having valid support period or bought/renew the application before 10th of Jan 2020.

You can use any Biometric Device that can push data to your server. Most of the Biometric Device you purchase doesn't have the capability to push data when attendance is marked. To make it work, changes in the Biometric Device is required.

If you can do this job yourself or your vendor do this for you, then you can easily integrate your Biometric Device with InstiKit. If you purchase the Device from us, we will make necessary changes in the Biometric Device. 

Biometric Integration is very simple. If you wish to buy it from us, you can send an email to hello@scriptmint.com to raise a purchase order.

Here is the specification of the Biometric Device you get when you purchase from ScriptMint:

Model: Identix ZKTeco

Fingerprint Capacity: 900

Card Capacity: 900

Transaction Storage: 100000

CPU: 32-bit Microprocessor, 440MHz

Identification Speed: <1 sec

TFT Display: 2.8 Color TFT

LED Indicator: Green/Red

Power Supply: 12V DC, 1.5Amp

Fingerprint Sensor: 500 DPI Optical

Battery: Inbuilt Battery

LAN Supported: Yes

USB Supported: Yes

Dimension: 185 x 140 x 30 mm

Warranty: 1Yr

The device along with API support costs 14,000 INR or $210 (Including GST) for the first year. From next year (Second year onwards) API renewal cost of 2,000 INR or $35 is payable.

For bulk purchase, a discount (depending upon the number of devices required) will be applied. Please send us an email to hello@scriptmint.com

Upon purchase, you will get a Biometric Auth Token. You can store it on Configuration -> System Configuration and it will start working with any Version >= 2.4.0