Before you update to Version 2.5.0, make sure you already have Version 2.4.4. 

Version 2.5.0 comes with Laravel 7 Upgrade which was released on 3rd March 2020. You need to update the core before you update the script with 1 click update. To get the file, login at & download the file from your dashboard. Upload this zip file to the folder where you have installed the application and extract it. You need to overwrite all existing files with the updated file.

Next - Go to Update, click on the Download button. Once downloaded, click on the update button. If you are getting error during download or update, please navigate to & download the update zip file from your purchase detail page.

Clear domain cache & cookie after updation. If you cache/cookie is not cleared, you might get loading screen every time.

Updates in Version 2.5.0

  • Laravel 7 Upgrade
  • Native Android Mobile App Compatible