Dear Users,

Today on 13th April 2020, we have changed our pricing & support policy. Here are the details.

  • The price of the InstiKit School ERP Regular License is $39 & Extended License is $999.
  • The script is not supported. It means that you will no longer get answers to your queries, technical support, installation support at the purchase price. But you can always submit a bug report & you will get FREE updates for this script.
  • Android & iOS Mobile app is no longer available at the purchase price.
  • All our existing customers having a valid support period will get support for their existing support period. They do not need to worry about their support period.

Here are additional optional charges you may pay to get:

  1. Installation Support: $50 with Anydesk/Skype
  2. Product Walkthrough Support: $50 for 1 Hour Skype Call
  3. Android & iOS Mobile App: $49 for 1 Yr Validity
  4. Branded Android & iOS Mobile App: $149 for 1 Yr Validity (Regular License) & $499 for 1 Yr Validity (Extended License)
  5. Support: $199 1 Yr Validity / Installation (via Email, Ticket & Skype Max 48 Hours Resolution)
  6. Feature Customization: $20/Hour

If you have any queries related to this, you can email us at