Mail Configuration module is used to configure mail setting of your software. This feature can be assessed through Configuration-> Mail Configuration.

Above is the screenshot of a form for Mail Configuration websites, where you need to select the driver for email and enter details as per selected email driver. Once you complete all the details, you can click on save button to save the details.  

The script only provides a method to send emails and doesn't bear any cost of sending email. You are free to choose any email driver listed over there. Below given screen shot shows the setting required for SMTP.


If you want to use gmail SMTP, then setting should be like as given below 

Gmail SMTP setup settings:

SMTP username: Your Gmail address

SMTP password: Your Gmail password

SMTP server address:

Gmail SMTP port (TLS): 587

SMTP port (SSL): 465

SMTP TLS/SSL required: yes

If you face any issue, please raise a ticket at our support portal.