Before you update to Version 2.7.0, make sure you already have Version 2.6.1. 

Next - Go to Update, click on the Download button. Once downloaded, click on the update button. If you are getting error during download or update, please navigate to & download the update zip file from your purchase detail page and put it in the folder where you have installed the application. Make sure the name of the zip file is same as you have downloaded.

Next - Go to Configuration -> Permission and assign permission related to Meeting module to different roles. Logout & Clear domain cache & cookie. If you cache/cookie is not cleared, you might get loading screen every time.

Updates in Version 2.7.0

  • Communication -> Meeting module for Live Classes for Students & Live Meetings with Staff

To make this module work, you must have SSL (https) enabled on your installation. You also need to accept permission to access Camera & Microphone when you join any meeting.

For details visit