Meeting module was introduced in the last week of April 2020. The modules enables you to schedule live class for your students or live meetings with your staff. All the meeting attendees can join the video conference as mentioned in the below "Meeting Detail" page. They can also talk to each other through the video conference.

Please note this module is in very early stage & we will be adding more such features in upcoming release.

InstiKit is offering this module without any third party app integration. It uses WebRTC technology to stream audio & video to the meeting attendees. You must have installed SSL on your server & have a good internet connection. For having 10 participants, you must have at least 4-6Mbps of internet connection. The max limit of the participant is set to 1000/meeting. You can also schedule multiple meeting at a same time.

This module requires to setup a TURN & STUN server for transmitting media between participants. Currently, there are no TURN or STUN server provider that offers it for FREE. Below are the TURN/STUN service provider & their pricing:

You can also opt to setup your own TURN & STUN server. You need to buy Digital Ocean Ubuntu Server with following configuration:

  1. 4GB/2 CPU
  2. 80GB SSD
  3. 4TB Transfer

It costs $20/Month. In case you need more bandwidth, you can always resize your server. Once you purchase it, you can share SSH login details with us & we will charge $100 one time for setup TURN/STUN on your server.

To have this module on your application, make sure you have enabled "Meeting" under Configuration -> Menu. Second, you also need to make sure that you have configured permission related to meeting module for all the roles.

Here are the permissions available for this method:

list-meetingThis permission should be enabled for all the roles who can list the meeting including the meeting attendees
create-meetingTo create meeting
edit-meetingTo edit meeting (Meeting can be edited by the owner or if the owner comes under logged in user)
delete-meetingTo delete meeting (Meeting can be deleted by the owner or if the owner comes under logged in user)

The landing page of meeting module shows the list of all the meetings created by the users. Every meeting row has three buttons. One each for edit meeting, delete meeting & meeting detail. Also if a meeting is expired, the system shows "Expired" tag & if meeting is live, the system shows "Live" tag in this table.

There is another menu called "My Meeting" which shows the list of all the meetings that are either created by the user or the user is one of the attendee of the meeting. Every meeting row has a button to go to the meeting detail page.

Click on the "Show Detail" button of meeting, takes the user to "Meeting Detail" page. If a meeting is live, "Join Meeting" button is visible to the attendees. Upon clicking, they need to first accept the permission of accessing your system camera or mobile camera + microphone. Once accepted, you will be able to see your video along with the other attendees. Attendees can anytime leave the meeting by clicking on the "Leave Meeting" button.